Allover (edge to edge)

This will quilt one pattern over the entire quilt. It gives a nice, soft look and will help to even out any sections that don’t sit perfectly flat.

There are hundreds of patterns available in a theme that will suit your quilt. Feel free to bring me any pattern name that you’ve seen.

This is the most cost effective way to have your quilt finished.


So many options for this area… stitch in the ditch, border and block patterns, stippling, echoing, cross hatching, arcs…

If you know how you want it quilted, let me know, but I am also happy to offer suggestions.

Custom Allover

Great when an allover would suit most of your quilt, but you have a section that needs some extra attention. The cost of this is somewhere between Allover and Custom Quilting. The example here shows a separate block pattern for the centre then allover around that. Custom allover also works well if you want to avoid applique.

Names are great to personalise a quilt and including this adds $20 to the allover price as shown in the photo below.

Quilt Finishing

Have you found a quilt top waiting to be finished, belonging to you or a family member? It can be overwhelming thinking of what still needs to be done, backing, wadding, quilting, binding.

Hand it to me and I can make the decisions for you and hand it back finished.

Waiting Times

Allover and Custom Allover up to 2 weeks
Custom varies from 2 weeks to several months, please check with me for current wait times.

Quilts booked in advance can avoid the waiting time. If you have an urgent project, or you’re in town for a day or two, give me a call, I’ll always work in with you if I can. Small projects can sometimes be done in a day or two.

Types of Wadding

Cotton is $22 a metre and Polywool is $26 a metre (both 240cm wide)
King size Polywool Wadding $80 (300cm x 300cm)

Cotton Wadding is flatter and will shrink and shift a little over time.
It is recommended that this wadding is used if the quilt is to be used by a child under one year old.

Polywool Wadding is beautiful, has a little loft and is so hard wearing.
I put my quilts in the washing machine and they hold their shape.

If you can’t find a backing, I’m happy to source one for you locally.

Want to discuss a project?