Allover Quilting Costs

Cot/Lap Quilt (36”x 52”) $101
Single Bed (56″ x 72″) $165
Queen Size (72” x 84″) $228
Join Backing from $10
Make and Attach Binding from $25

For Allover Quilting, phone or message me with measurements and I can give a firm quote.Custom Allover and Custom quotes can be given when I have seen the quilt and know the measurements.
My prices are always firm before starting quilting.
Feel free to email or message me a picture of your quilt with measurements.

Charity Quilting for existing clients – 20% discount is given on Allover quilting and 50% discount on wadding.


Cotton Wadding is flatter and will shrink and shift a little over time.
It is recommended that this wadding is used if the quilt is to be used by a child under one year old. I also find it lovely in a flannel quilt. It will drape better than Polywool.

Cotton is $22 a metre and Polywool is $26 a metre (both 240cm wide)
King size Polywool Wadding $110 (300cm x 300cm) or King size Cotton Wadding $85

Polywool Wadding is beautiful, has a little loft and is so hard wearing.
I put my quilts in the washing machine and they hold their shape.

You are also welcome to provide your own wadding.

Backing and Binding

I can source backings and also make and attach the binding for you.