It can be difficult learning to use your machine when physical classes are difficult to attend. I am located in the Riverina area of New South Wales, Australia. As long as you can understand an Australian accent, I can teach anywhere online! Please contact me with any queries you have and I can send you more information and costs.

One on One learning for your Gammill Statler Quilting Machine using Facetime, Zoom, Skype, Messaging and notes on what we have covered. All classes are aimed at hands on training, you can work on your quilt with me there to support you, not working in Stand Alone Mode. I started with a Gammill Classic Plus in 2003 which I had retrofitted to Statler in 2010. I purchased a Gammill Optimum with Statler in 2017 and now operate two machines.

If you are using Creative Studio 6 and would like help gaining confidence upgrading to Creative Studio 7, Gammill can help you upgrade the software and we can take it from there. You can continue to use Creative Studio 6 on the same computer until you’re ready to leave it behind. If you are staying with Creative Studio 6 for computer reasons, I can teach in that package also.

Packages Available:

  • Introduction to Longarm Quilting. Ideal if you have never longarm quilted before and you have jumped right into a Statler, it can all feel overwhelming. This class is tailored to you and includes setting up your quilt, I use the float method. This class also covers everything in the Introduction to Computerised Longarm Quilting.
  • Introduction to Computersied Longarm Quilting. This is ideal if you have been Longarm Quilting and have upgraded to Statler and need some help gaining confidence and learning the tricks that make this software so powerful. We can also look at how to purchase patterns and install to your machine, how to publicise your business, talk about suppliers and more!
  • Introduction to Custom Quilting. Without being a freehand artistic quilter, you can still look like one! Learn about boundaries, drawing patterns, P2P, borders, block patterns and more. There is often more than one way to carry out a task and you can decide what is best for you.
  • Repeat Patterns is how I do all Edge to Edge Quilting. This allows me to have complete control over the placement and size of the pattern plus stitch multiple rows at once and have it end neatly all the way around.
  • Next Level Quilting: This is beneficial in Edge to Edge and Custom Quilting. Pattern Manipulation means making patterns work for you. This includes adjusting patterns to fit a particular block or using bits and pieces from different patterns to make a brand new one. This subject also includes using Text in your quilting.
  • Custom Class: If you just have random questions or topics you would like to learn more about.

Prices start at $75 AUD for a one hour consultation, overseas available with payment through PayPal in your local currency. Estimates for packages available, price depends on your starting knowledge and how much you would like to learn. Everything is tailored to you.

Classes are currently being booked for January and February 2022 but other other dates are possible, please contact for more information.