Preparation Instructions

Top and backing should have straight top and sides and be square (don't leave bits hanging out when you add on borders or make backings). Mark the top middle of your quilt and backing with safety pins if they are directional. There is a $10 fee for me to correct this for you.
Check that your backing and wadding is at least 8 inches wider and longer than the quilt top.

Seams around the outside of the quilt need to be secure. This will stop stitches coming undone when it is pulled taut.
While you're ironing your quilt, please check that your seams are all stitched at least 1/8" so they stay together. Use the best match thread you can and check your tension so your stitching doesn't show on the quilt top.

If you have people smoking inside your house, I am unable to quilt your top due to my asthma.

Do not baste or pin your quilt layers together. If you have used glue spray, this will need to be washed out. If the glue does not wash out of the wadding it may need to be replaced.

Clip all loose threads from front & back. Threads are easier to remove before quilting. Threads left on the back of the quilt top show through if the fabric is light with dark thread.

If your backing is not quite big enough, please don't add a piece around the outside. I can't centre it perfectly and it won't look as good on the back. If you can't get the right size, consider putting a piece down the middle, or strips that look like + through the middle if it needs to be made bigger both ways.

I receive a large variety of finishes and once I receive it, I'll assume you're happy with how it's made. If there's anything obvious I will fix it, but I always assume you've carefully checked your quilt top before I receive it.

If you have appliqué or embroidery, please take a few minutes to check that you haven't missed any sections.

Getting Quilts to Me

There are four lovely shops that are happy to accept quilts on my behalf to be picked up. They are:

Nel's Fabric Place

188 Hoskins Street, Temora
02 69771760

Nimble Thimble

5/140 Hammond Ave, Wagga Wagga
02 69318464

Simply Stitches

2/40 Tompson St, Wagga Wagga
02 69216722

Addicted To Fabric

25 Dundas Ct, Phillip ACT
02 62824494

If you leave a quilt with them, please put your name on the bag, include your contact details and let me know so I can pick them up.

Once I have your quilt, I will contact you about how you would like it quilted and will give a firm quote. When I return the quilt to the shop for collection, I will include an invoice and let you know it is waiting. Payments are to be made directly to me. I prefer you buy your wadding from them to show support of this service they offer.

When you send quilts to me, please register and address to "Sarah Lennon". This will provide the safest delivery. I pay for registered (signature on delivery) postage back to you. If you are driving through town, you can arrange to drop your quilt off and I may be able to have it ready when you are returning home.

And of course, my studio!

1 Meagher St, Temora
0427 303336

There is plenty of street parking, and a path down the left side of my home to my studio. Please phone before dropping by to check I am in: my hours are flexible if you are coming through town outside normal business hours.

Payment methods accepted are cheque and direct debit.

Here's how your quilt should look when you send it

No need to baste, three separate layers is best.

Contact me