About Me

My studio. October 2016

I began quilting for a hobby (alright, obsession) about 20 years ago. In 2003, when my first son, Mat, was about three years old, I started trying to think of a job I could do from home. With the suggestion and support of Helen from Patches of Heaven and my mum, Jane, I had a Gammill Longarm quilting machine in my spare room within a month. In October 2016, I purchased another computerised Gammill quilting machine and now have one machine dedicated to custom quilting and one to allover quilting.

It has become way more than a job, I love seeing the quilts people make, and being part of their completion.


Interested in completing a quilt?

It's never too late to finish one. I can help you with any aspect of it, and I will never forget that it's your quilt.

Pull it out of the cupboard and give me a call.

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